World Book Day Inspiration.

Fabric inspiration from World Book Day.

We’re loving seeing everyone’s posts of their outfits for World Book Day on our twitter and instagram feeds from you creative lot. We haven’t dressed up ourselves but we’ve been finding some of our fabrics are reminding us of some of our favourite stories.
(Click to images to take you to the fabric)

This lovely floral print cotton reminds us of the talking flowers from Alice in Wonderland.
Or the poison apple of Snow White, as seen printed onto cream silk.


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The Fashion Awards 2016

Finding Fashion Fabric Inspiration at the Fashion Awards.

Monday night’s Fashion Awards was held at the Royal Albert Hall, London. These Awards have been running for over 32 years and help to raise millions towards the Fashion Education Foundation. You can find all the facts and figures about it at The British Fashion Council website, including all the nominees and winners, and behind the scenes titbits like, 1,960 MAC products were placed in guests’ goodie bags.
We, were of course concentrating on the outfits for some fabric and garment inspiration.

First we have to come to Gigi Hadid; model of the moment as she wont ‘International Model of the Year’, clad in a flowing silver jumpsuit from Atelier Versace. Try using polyster, silk or rayon fabrics. While Donatella herself, went for gold and dazzling!

4b131-4 4b134-4 5b048


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A Halloween sewing project for beginners

Sewing project: Sew your own cat shaped coin purse

At Fabrics For Sale, we love Halloween… dressing up, pumpkin carving and it’s also a good excuse to have a treat or two. So, in spirit of Halloween, we have a treat for all our readers – a quick sewing project: download our free Halloween sewing pattern and make your own Witch’s Cat Coin Purse.

You don’t have to use this cheeky purse for your coins alone… how about using it to store your Halloween sweets, makeup – or even an emergency sewing kit.



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Get Your Pinny On!

The Pinafore Dress Sewing Pattern

We are excited to launch a brand new sewing pattern for Autumn / Winter – the pinafore dress pattern. The iconic pinafore dress, worn by the likes of Twiggy, Suki Waterhouse, and Alexa Chung, is making another comeback. In fact, the fashion trend forecaster, WGSN, has noted the pinafore dress as a must have item for the new season. Additionally, velvet has also been noted as an upcoming key trend that’s worth noting.



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VMA’s Fabric Inspiration

VMA red carpet inspiration

Sunday night was the VMA’s 2016. The Video Music Awards has always been rife with unlikely celeb pairings, controversial performances and shocking moments. We, however, like to keep our eye peeled for fabric and garment inspiration from the outrageous outfits worn both on the red carpet and the stage.

First off we LOVE Britney’s sexy yet mature, slashed black number from Julien Macdonald. Try using our rayon fabrics (elastane blends) to recreate this at home, such as 6B081.


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How-to Avoid Back Pain When Sewing

Some simple changes to help reduce sewing related back pain

We want to make sure that you don’t fall foul of back pain niggles and twinges while working on your vintage fabrics and projects – so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you.

First of all, is the height of your sewing machine correct?

Your sewing machine should allow you to keep your vintage fabrics at elbow height, with your wrists straight. You shouldn’t be hunching forward or raising your shoulders to work.

Check your chair!

Adjust your chair so that your feet should rest flat on the floor – with your sewing table still at elbow height. If you suffer from lower back pain, try using a lumbar support cushion to help you keep a good posture when sewing.


If you’re still struggling to get comfortable after following both of the above points, we suggest investing in an adjustable sewing table and / or chair. Or, as a cheaper alternative, you could cut the legs of your table down (If your table is too high) or add some table riser blocks to the table legs (if your table is too low)

Make sure you are working in a well lit room:

Hunching forward to take a better look at your sewing project will only tense up your neck and back. You could even work next to a window.

And finally , take regular breaks:

Never sew continuously! Go for a walk, make a cup of tea or even do a few back stretches for a few minutes – it all helps in keeping your back feeling great.

Following these steps will help you relieve back and neck pain while working on your vintage fabrics, but a great deal of it is down to getting into good habits. The sooner you start, the better.

Happy Sewing :)

Don’t forget, as well as supplying a range of quality vintage fabrics, we also have a range of  sewing patterns and projects that you can try out by visiting our online fabric shop!

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Summer trends 2016

Spring/summer ’16 Catwalk Inspiration.

We Brits have finally realised that summer have arrived due to currently basking in a heatwave. So with the weather comes a need for a summer wardrobe, and what better way than with sewing projects? We’ve picked out some of our favourite trends of the season and found fabrics which we think match perfectly!

1. Big Checks.
Plaid, tartan, checks; whatever you want to call it, this pattern needs to be large and in charge.  As seen on the catwalks of Victoria Beckham and Thakoon.


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Make your own sweatbands

Fabrics For Sale Sweatband Tutorial

It’s the summer of sports!
We kicked off with Euro ’16, today sees the start of Wimbledon and the Olympics are due to take place in August. With so much going on, we’ve whipped up a quick tutorial to make our own sweatbands so that we can join in with all the fun and games.

It’s super simple. Even our novice sewers in the marketing team managed to knock it up.
We used 1.5cm width elastic and our terry cloth cotton 5BL006 ( also available in black 6A001), a pair of fabric scissors, some pins and an overlocker. This can be done using a standard sewing machine however the overlocker is better at keeping the stretch in the fabric.

1. Measure your selected body part – head, wrists, arms, ankles, etc, and cut a length of elastic that is 2 or 3 cm smaller. Then measure your fabric for a rectangle that is the length of your measured body part and double the width of the elastic (add a couple mm extra to be safe). We cut this along the width of our fabric as this gave us more stretch.

1      3

2. Fold the fabric in half, lining up your edges with the fabric wrong side out. Join these edges using your overlocker. Because the overlocker tends to cut off excess fabric, here’s where your extra mm’s come in handy.

4      5

3. Attach your elastic to one end of your now tube shaped fabric with a safety pin, so that when you pull it right side out, your elastic will go more easily inside the tube.

6      7

4. Once right side out, you will notice a seam running along the length your tube; bring the ends of your elastic and tube together, with that seam on the outside of the loop. Overlock together these ends to complete the loop.

8      9

5.All that’s left to do it turn it so that the seams are on the inside of the loop and, TA DA! Sweatband is complete. Get it on and get going!

10      11

The great thing about this terry cloth fabric is that it is absorbent, stretches with the elastic, and because we used white we’ll fit in easily at the Wimbledon. We can even dye it different colours different sporting events.

If you’re now wondering about the rest of your outfit for Wimbledon, check out our Wimbledon Whites Collection.

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Introducing The Stonecrop Shorts

The newest pattern at Fabrics For Sale has landed.

June is Men’s Fashion week galore! From London last weekend to Paris, New York and a few more in between, we’re excited to see what we what the boys will be wearing in the spring/summer ’17 season.

We were so excited that we were inspired to create our first pattern for the boys, whether that be the boys who want to try their hand at creating their own clothes, or a gift for the man in your life. (Even though we’ve designed them with the fella’s in mind, don’t let that stop you if you’re female and fancy a pair…we’ve tried them, they’re pretty comfy.)

We’re starting simple, and getting ready for summer with a pair of easy to make, easy to wear pair of shorts that take inspiration from this season and look to the next with their loose fit, tailored look hem and elastic waist.

These would be a staple piece that could be made over and over with different prints and fabrics. Try floral, stripes, solids. Cottons, wool fabric, twill or jersey even, to make a pair for every occasion.

Each order of The Stonecrop Shorts pattern will include your graded pattern and tutorial card, now as standard.


Shop the Stonecrop Shorts here

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Fabrics For Sale is 1!

Fabrics For Sale’s First Birthday

Good Morning Readers!Fabrics For Sale, birthday

Today has been up and running, officially, for a whole year. We feel like we’ve done a lot in a short space of time to bring you a wide selection of fabrics, to bring you ideas and inspiration for your own sewing projects, and some exclusive treats that you might not find anywhere else.

Without you guys buying our fabrics, we wouldn’t have got very far. So to celebrate and to say Thankyou, for every order we receive from the 1st(today) until the 6th(Monday), we’ll be adding a little something to your parcel.

We’ve got a range of freebies from ribbon to binding, buttons to trims, remnants and more! We won’t spoil the surprise, just look out for a little something extra when you open your parcel.

Fabrics For Sale, haberdashery, birthday
Thanks for helping us make it this far and Happy Birthday Fabrics For Sale!

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